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Library Usage Rules

Users must show their university ID cards or library cards during the entering and borrowing processes.

Attention should be paid to not disturb other users within the library while moving around.

Users must not speak loudly in the library.

Users must not make loud phone calls.

Users are not allowed to enter the library with food and beverages. Only bottled water is allowed.

Users are not allowed to take publications out of the library unless the borrowing procedures are completed.

Users are not allowed to enter the library with luggage. There is no checkroom in the library.

Special lounges are reserved for group work. Users must use these reserved lounges for group works.

Users should not enter the spaces exclusive to librarians.

Library directorate cannot be taken responsible for lost property.

The security of our collections is provided via an RF authentication system. Users must comply with the authorized personnel when they hear a warning beep.

When required, user’s belongings might be checked.


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