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Directorate of Library and Documentation

Off-Campus Access

Off-Campus Access

Access to licensed databases and electronic versions of periodical publications to which our University Library is subscribed are provided only with IP address control in accordance to the licence agreements with companies. A Proxy Server has been set up by the Information and Communication Technologies Research and Application Center (BiTAM) so that you can access these services from outside the campus on commercial internet service providers while the library is closed.

All undergraduate and graduate students;

You can use your 11 digit student numbers as usernames and your T.C. Identity Numbers as passwords to access the proxy.

For our Academic Staff;

You can use name.surname part of your style e-mail address as username and your current e-mail password as the password to access the proxy

Below are the changes you need to make to your internet browser for accessing these services from outside the campus.

Please contact e-mail address for problems related to accessing database services and electronic journals and e-mail address for your problems regarding database content information.

Settings: In your browser program, the "Use automatic configuration script" field should be marked, and the "Address" part should be set to

For Internet Explorer this field is located in:

Tools> Internet Options> Connections> Local Area Network (LAN) Click for details

For Firefox this field is located in:

Tools> Options> Advanced> Network> Settings> "Automatic proxy server settings (URL)" Click for details

Proxy settings for Android-based Tablet PCs: 

Warning: If you have previously entered proxy settings, the browser may give you a message like "Intranet settings are now removed by default", do not take this warning into account.

Note: When this identification is made; The browser won’t use proxy settings in connections from the Ege Campus. On off-campus connections, the proxy server will be used only when using library systems, otherwise it will not be used.

For consultation, you can call +90 (232) 311 3340-3341 or Pbx: 3340-3341.